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By Linus Chang, Creator of ScramGet

I love the cloud and the benefits of having my data available from anywhere. Syncing emails to my phones and computers is just one example.

However, I’m also concerned that when my data’s “up there” in the cloud, I don’t have a local copy “down here” on Earth. I can’t hold it in my hands. One false move and my emails “up there” could get deleted, and after the next sync they’d get wiped out from my devices too…

I really wanted to reliably and automatically backup my emails but there weren’t any decent tools to do the job.

I searched for a solution… Microsoft did provide some tools in the past for Exchange Server… but they stopped working for me years ago. For example, ExMerge wouldn’t work with Exchange 2007, and the PowerShell commandlet “export-mailbox” required Outlook to be installed to write the PST file – an extra expense and not recommended for servers.

So in 2011, I commenced work on a mailbox exporter, which eventually became ScramGet. My original intention was to create an ExMerge and export-mailbox replacement. This would allow computer users and system administrators to backup their mailboxes at a granular or “brick” level.

However, as the project progressed, more and more businesses and people migrated from on-premise Exchange Servers to cloud hosted solutions. It became apparent that this email backup tool would need to work with other mail servers, such as Office 365, Gmail, Hotmail (now Outlook.com), iCloud and generic IMAP servers. 

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So including support for those services is exactly what we did.

I’m now happy to say that, thanks to my wonderful team of engineers and many years of R&D, the first public beta version of ScramGet for Emails is ready for download.

I’ve personally used it to download my emails from Office 365, on-premise Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, and several IMAP servers. ScramGet has given me the first backups of emails across all my accounts that I’ve ever had!

Please download your copy today, and I hope you find it to be a valuable tool. I’d be more than interested in receiving your feedback about the product – so drop me and my team a message on our Contact Us page. And if there’s anything we can do to make it a better product, let us know!

About Linus
Linus is a computer programmer and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia. He is best known as the creator and original developer of BackupAssist – a popular program that helps make Windows Backup easy for system administrators – which has sold over 100,000 copies to 145 countries.

  1. Nancy Mattox18 Aug. 2016

    I have downloaded my gmails using scramget. Now where do I find the pst to put on an external harddrive?

    1. Scram Software18 Aug. 2016

      Hi Nancy, the PST file will be in the path that you set in Step 3 of the wizard.

      By default, it will be in your “Documents” directory – so please try looking there.

      You can also try opening the PST file in Microsoft Outlook to check that all your emails are there!


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