Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use PST files to store emails?

    When downloading data from Exchange Server, there are many types of data – calendar items, notes, contacts, tasks, and emails.

    When choosing a file format, we needed to consider several things:

    1. storing all types of data, not just emails
    2. portability: being able to access the data on most computers

    PST files were the only file format capable of storing data from Microsoft Exchange Server without losing information. It was also a natural choice, because the most common desktop email program in the business market is Microsoft Outlook, which natively supports PST files.

  • What is ScramGet?

    ScramGet is a downloadable software program that will download cloud hosted data and save it on your local computer. This makes ScramGet ideal for backup, archiving and migration purposes.

    ScramGet currently supports downloading emails, but we plan to support more data types in the near future.

  • How To Uninstall ScramGet

    Windows – You can uninstall ScramGet from the “Add/Remove Programs” feature in Windows. Alternatively, you can run the uninstall program directly – ScramGet comes with its own uninstaller program located in the same directory as ScramGet, eg. “C:\Program Files (x86)\ScramGet\uninstaller.exe”