Easily Download and Backup Your Entire Office 365 Exchange Mailbox

Imagine how you’d feel if you logged into Office 365 tomorrow, only to discover your Microsoft Exchange Online mailbox has been wiped. Years of email correspondence, contacts and notes – lost without a trace.

Often this occurs because hackers have compromised your account, or an administrator has accidentally or deliberately deleted your mailbox. And when it happens, it’s possible you’ll never see your emails again.

But now there’s a new way to protect your data from disaster, by safely downloading and backing up your entire mailbox to your home computer. This also gives you a convenient local copy so you can access your messages when you’re not online.

ScramGet is fast and powerful application that downloads your Exchange Online mailbox, securely and privately, from the cloud directly to your computer. Your data doesn’t pass through any other service, so there’s no risk of unauthorised access.

Your emails, contacts, calendar items and notes are saved to a PST file on your local PC or external drive. PST is the most commonly used email format, which makes ScramGet the perfect solution for backing up your critical emails, archiving your data, and even migrating your mail to an alternative platform like Apple iCloud or Gmail.

While cloud-based email systems are convenient, the truth is they don’t give you full control over your data. If you don’t have a local copy, then you risk losing everything.

And if you use Office 365 for business purposes, then your livelihood will be affected if you can no longer access important correspondence, tax and financial records, or other professional documents stored in your email messages.

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ScramGet eliminates the risk of data loss, which makes ScramGet the ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as individual users. And if your business has multiple employees, then you can even use a single administrator login to download and backup the mailboxes for all your staff members.

So if you’d like to regain control of your emails, and ensure that you never lose access to your critical data, then download and install your FREE ScramGet trial today.

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